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Grounded Aerial Bungee

Register for one of our upcoming Introduction to Bungee classes today!

Intro to Bungee

Explore the joy of Grounded Aerial Bungee as you jump, leap, fly, dive and soar safe and securely harnessed in! Our bungees are weight specific and can accommodate 100-250 pounds.

Introduction to Bungee

~ This 60 minute instructional class is designed to teach basic beginner moves, safety and fun! After attending this beginner class, you'll be revved up and ready to take it to the next level with our Cardio Bungee or Bungee Exploration classes. $12 per class.

Cardio Bungee

~ This 45 minutes, non-stop class, will make you move, laugh and sweat! We'll move safely through lunges, squats and all the fun bungee basics as well as introduce combinations and a new level of bungee fun! $18 per class.

Pre-requisite Introduction to Bungee.

Bungee Exploration

~ For the experienced bungee participant who simply wants the time and space to hone their skills and enjoy the freedom to soar without boundaries or instruction . . . it's play time! $25 per class.


  • Be accurate with your weight during registration, it will change your experience!
  • Wear clothes that hug the body for a more comfortable harness.
  • Shoes, something that can slide on and off with ease may be the best choice.
  • It's best NOT to eat a big meal or consume alcohol before class.
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, dramamine or ginger can help.
  • You'll want to bring your phone/camera and water too.
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to complete class registration and release form.


August options

Please refer to our Facebook page for a complete view of our current schedule of fitness classes, cheer program and ninja options. You may also contact us by phone. Thank you!